BW Theory is an event design and planning company based in Austin, Texas. Katie and Elyse, the creatives behind BW Theory and Bellwether Design, specialize in planning and designing individually tailored events for their design savvy clients.

Elyse’s formative years were spent absorbing fashion and design in New York City’s East Village, where she would eventually go on to work for some of Manhattan’s most prestigious firms. That road would later lead her to Austin, where she’s worked alongside some of the top event designers, planners, florists, and photographers in the industry.

Katie’s career has sent her traveling around the world with Matthew Moore Photography as a highly skilled shooter, stylist, and hair and makeup artist.

Together, the pair have over 15 years of experience listening to their clients’ needs, problem solving, creating memories, and following their instincts. Their commitment to finding the best venues around the world and pairing their clients with the industry’s most talented vendors is paramount to the BW Theory experience.

Who Are We?

Creators • Avant-Garde • Conceptual • Inventive • Tenacious • Earnest • Well-Connected • Inspired • Bold • Sincere • Fashion Forward • Sympathetic • Spectacular Improvisers • Constantly Building • Contemplative • Unashamed Perfectionists • Tasteful • Two Peas in a Pod

What Do We Do?

Produce • Curate • Design • Take Abstract Ideas & Make Them Reality • Cast Vision • Go Above & Beyond • Source the Unsourceable • Breathe New Life Into Old, Tired Ideas • Carry the Burden for Your Sake • Labor Obsessively & Perhaps Unhealthily to Achieve Your Vision

What We Think About?

Event Flow • Infusing Local Culture • What’s Next • Epic Playlists • Custom Linens • The Big Picture • Destroying Clichés & Setting Trends • Above All, YOUR IDEAS!!!